Property and gifts

You can buy gifts and property for chips and gold coins. Property does not influence gameplay, but is an indicator of your success in the game. To buy property, enter your profile, tap the 'Property' tab and use the purchase menu. You can give property to friends or players that you like. Property that you buy can be sold later by using the corresponding menu item in your profile. However, bear in mind that in this case you will only get 10% of the value back. Gifted property cannot be sold, only deleted. If you collect all the property in one category, you'll get some luxury property that cannot be purchased.

Gifts do not affect gameplay, but show your mood or attitude to another player. When sitting at a game table, press the 'glass' button next to your avatar or the avatar of the player to whom you want to give a gift, then select . The gift will be displayed next to the player's avatar. Note that all the gifts, in contrast to property, disappear with time. They persist for the duration of the game at that table or for several days (for example, VIP gifts for gold). 

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